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Covering Our League

By Matt Laczko, 12/18/19, 2:30PM EST


The ADASL Offer's League-Wide Player Insurance in 2019-2020

ATLANTA -- During the 2019-2020 ADASL Season, the league has committed to player safety by offering insurance coverage for all registered players through Georgia Soccer. The Atlanta District Amateur Soccer League opted-in and paid for all registered players during the 2019-2020 season for insurance that not only covers primary insurance for uninsured players but secondary coverage for players with insurance. This is a huge impact for the league and our continued growth within the greater-Atlanta area as we continue to grow the number of players, teams, and communities affected by the ADASL as well as growing the continued support for amateur soccer in the state of Georgia.

“I think the ADASL’s addition of offering insurance for its members it’s great step forward toward making the league more inclusive and professional. It gives players who may not have insurance or low coverage the opportunity to enjoy the sport feeling safer if they were to suffer a serious injury. It allows players to know that if an event like that occurs, they are supported by the league to help them get through it financially”, said Christopher Uranga, player and team manager for Potros FC.

“Having USASA's insurance is a tremendous perk provided by the ADASL. Having secondary coverage for players who have insurance helps with their out of pocket costs. But the big benefit is for those players who don't have insurance. Having this insurance helps them with their medical costs”, said Joubert Berger, player and team manager for Majestic Soccer Club. “Luckily, no Majestic player has had to take advantage of this service. In this time with high medical costs, it is good to know that the ADASL has a program in place to help our players in case of a medical injury.”

This is a major step in helping ensure player safety and health in our league as we proceed as a premier state amateur soccer league in the state of Georgia. The ADASL now is the only adult amateur soccer league in the state of Georgia to offer this insurance for all players who opt-in to the insurance regardless of Division. The Atlanta District Amateur Soccer League continues its commitment to player safety, improving the quality of our games, and improving the play on the field within the greater Atlanta-area. The ADASL has been a leading front in the Georgia amateur soccer scene since being introduced to the city in 1967 as a part of the introduction to soccer to Atlanta by the Atlanta Chiefs and as a major part of their community outreach that included players such as Graham Tutt, Nick Papadakis, and Macoumba Kandji. The league looks forward to more growth in 2020 and continued high-level amateur soccer being grown in the Metro Atlanta area through all of our teams and their community outreach. If you are interested in donating to Georgia Soccer’s fundraiser for TOP Soccer, please click the link here for more information!

For more information on the insurance being provided through USASA and Georgia Soccer, go to