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Atlanta District Amateur Soccer League

  • League Council Meeting - Monday, January 7 - 2nd Half Ref Fees Due

    League Council Meeting - Monday, January 7

  • PERRIN CUP - 2nd Round

    Perrin Cup 2nd round is Sunday, December 16 at GSP. See bracket for game schedule.

  • Lamar Hunt Us Open Cup

    Only affiliated adult amateur leagues like the ADASLĀ  can compete in the US Open Cup.

About the ADASL

The Atlanta District Amateur Soccer League functions like many of the leagues around the world with a hierarchy of divisions and movement through those divisions by way of promotion and relegation. For everything you really need to know about the league and how we work, it is suggested that you read the ADASL Bylaws and Constitution.

Any teams seriously interested in joining the league, as well as those managers who are already a part of the league who have not previously done so, should make a serious study of the Bylaws and Constitution to ensure that your team is properly prepared to compete in the league.That last sentence alone should tell you that the ADASL takes its rules of play very seriously. Games have been won, titles lost, cups surrendered and teams expelled from the league because of their inability to follow and play by the rules. In closely adhering to these rules, the ADASL provides a level playing fiel...