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    Mike Hogan

    League Administrator



    2020 Spring League Meetings Overview

    By Matt Laczko 01/13/2020, 2:00pm EST

    ATLANTA -- The Atlanta District Amateur Soccer League continues their effort in maintaining a high standard of amateur soccer in the Greater Metro Atlanta area as the league finished our 2020 Spring League Meetings. The first meeting of 2020 took place at Manuel’s Tavern in Atlanta, Georgia which opened in 1956 and remains one of the historic and favored bars in the city of Atlanta. During the meetings, team managers and league administrators discussed existing and new policies, raising the standards of the league, and a review of the first half of the 2019-2020 regular season.

    ADASL President Richard Goldsmith reading off role for the 2020 Spring Meetings

                    During the 2020 Spring Meeting, the following polices were discussed as topics of debate during the meeting between managers, team representatives, and administrators: does a red card apply to an individual across all roles or just to a role and what should the league do going forward with teams without a designated home field prior to the start of the regular season. The polices were discussed and the red card debate was resolved as being a part of the D&P committee as a case-by-case issue and an issue handled by the bylaws of the ADASL. Teams without a home field will not be accepted to start the season and if this was to happen during the regular season, it would be a case-by-case issue to handled by the executive committee. Another main topic during the course of the meeting was the idea of raising standards during the season through teams creating more defined technical areas for player and referee safety, purchasing water coolers to use at venues, and the continued effort by the league, it’s players, and referees to work on better player etiquette.

                    The final topics of the evening included how the league has began the enhancement of competition through the addition of prize money for the Division 1 Champions, 2nd Place in Division 1, 3rd Place in Division 1, Division 2 Champions, and Perrin Cup Champions. Another new feature of the league that was implemented in the 2019-2020 season was the inclusion of the Division 2 Promotion Playoffs which will see the Division 2 Champion be promoted automatically and the 2nd through 5th place Division 2 teams will finish their season with a three-game playoff where the team to win the playoff will be promoted into Division 1. During the playoffs, the league will absorb the cost of the fields for the teams in the playoffs to ensure there is a home field advantage for the higher seed teams. Finally, the meeting announced the second year of the ADASL Summer League with the league being noted as a source of player growth, finding new players, keeping players fitness through the summer, and helpful in identifying talent on other teams for the next regular season.

    For more information on the Atlanta District Amateur Soccer League, go to the ADASL website at and follow the league on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @ADASL_Soccer. If you are a team looking to join the Atlanta District Amateur Soccer League, please click the link here for more information!




    Summa Sportswear Partners with the ADASL

    By Matt Laczko 01/08/2020, 12:30pm EST

    Summa Sportswear Announced as the Official Uniform Provider of the ADASL.

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    Covering Our League

    By Matt Laczko 12/18/2019, 2:30pm EST

    The ADASL Offer's League-Wide Player Insurance in 2019-2020

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    Manager of MOBA Fury FC, Paige Livesey

    2020 Perrin Cup Bracket

    The Perrin Cup champion will get an automatic entry into the Region 3 Adult Amateur Cup in Murfreesboro, TN. This competition serves as the quarter finals for the National Amateur Cup. 

    The Perrin Cup

    The Perrin Cup is named for Chris Perrin a former player, manager and officer of the League who died of cancer in the late 80's. The Perrin cup is an intra-league knockout style tournament which can provide a team anywhere from one to six additional games of play. 

    Are you interested in joining an ADASL Club?

    ADASL Clubs are individually managed. Clubs play in various venues around metro Atlanta. All interested players who wish to join a club should click on the link below to enter your data. The ADASL is a highly competitive 11 v 11 Sunday league. 

    You may also contact team managers directly for specific information. Costs and expectations vary from team to team. Go to Managers page and click Team Directory for contact info.

    The ADASL - USASA Premier Adult State League 

    The ADASL is a USASA Premier League.

    ADASL Overview

    The ADASL season begins the third Sunday in September and ends in April/May. Each team typically plays an 18 game regular season. Teams are divided up into Divisions. New teams start in the lowest division and can move up through the Promotion/Relegation process. Teams register for the new season in August. 

    Teams are completely independent entities. Each team is responsible for securing their own home field. Each team is allowed 25 active players on their roster at one time. The maximum number of players for a game roster is 18. Players can be released and added up to a set date established at the end of the season, when team rosters are frozen. 

    Most players in Division One, played major college soccer and/or at a high level in their country. Players in Division Two are also experienced players, who have played competitive soccer most of their lives. The ADASL is an organized competitive league and should not be considered recreational. 

    The ADASL is interested in adding new teams to our league. The Executive Committee is willing to assist and mentor interested team managers.Successful ADASL teams have solid team leadership, a deep roster, and a commitment to organization. 

    New teams should contact any member of the Executive Committee or Mike Hogan, the ADASL league administrator (

    Perrin Cup is the Path to the National Amateur Cup

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