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2020 Spring League Meetings Update

By Matthew Laczko, 05/26/20, 12:45PM EDT


Updates regarding 2019-2020 Season.

Due to the recent health events of COVID-19,

the 2019-2020 Regular Season of the ADASL has been completed. 


The following will be recorded as part of the decisions made during the 2020 Spring League Meetings:

·       There will be no D1 or D2 Champion crowned.

·       The three teams in D1 and five teams in D2 that were still eligible for the championships will split their prize money.

o   The following teams in Division 1 will receive the prize money which totaled $3,500: Majestic Soccer Club, Revily Football Club, and Club ATLetic.

o   The following teams in Division 2 will receive the prize money for the Division 2 Championship which totaled $1,000: Georgia Revolution FC U23s, Georgia Tech Club Soccer, Prima Football Club, Potros FC, and AFU South Elite.

·       Perrin Cup is cancelled—Prize money will be retained by the league.

·       D2—for the 2020-2021 season we will increase the size of D1 to 12 teams.

o   The two teams on the bottom of D1 that had mathematically achieved relegation will be relegated.

o   The top 4 teams in D2 have achieved promotion (Georgia Revolution FC U23s, Georgia Tech Club Soccer, Prima Football Club, and Potros FC).

o   The Executive Committee was granted the power by the managers to return D1 back to 10 teams for the 2021-2022 season.

o   The actual format for the 2020-2021 D1 schedule will be decided after teams sign up for the season.


During the 2020 Spring League Meetings, the following were elected for the positions of the Executive Committee Officers for 2020-21:

·       Richard Goldsmith -- President –- ran unopposed

·       Joel Fillmon -- Vice President  — won in election over Adam Reakes.

·       Alec Morrison -- Treasurer — ran unopposed

·       Eric Morrison – Secretary -- won in election over Tom Deaver.

·       We will need a new D&P Chairmen for 2020-2021 season.


The Atlanta District Amateur Soccer League will be following the guidelines set by the governing board of Georgia Soccer which as stated that state and local authorities will determine when we will be able to return to play. The health experts will provide the framework on what this play will look like. The ADASL will be forming a committee of managers and players to help formulate multiple plans for our next season.